About EG Print & Promo

Fred & Evette Eickelmann - EGPrintPromo.com

Every website needs an about post that tells its visitors with whom they are doing business. We are Fred and Evette Eickelmann, and we are the founders of EG Print & Promo. We’re centrally located in Missouri, USA, where the air is clean, and the stress is low.

We offer custom printed products for automotive dealerships, real estate agents, retail shops, insurance agents, etc. Or anybody who’s wanting to get their logo and message in the public’s eye.

We invest ourselves in your success, your satisfaction, and your reputation. It’s why, for example, we always choose readability over design when it comes to artwork. After all, if you can’t read or understand the message, what good is it?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the services we offer, please contact us.